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Student and Trainee Visas

The Law Offices of Nikhil M. Shah provides comprehensive legal guidance for people seeking student and trainee visas. If you need assistance filing visa applications, we can help.

Hiring an immigration attorney ensures you that all applications and ancillary documents are properly completed and filed. Eliminating errors helps to facilitate faster approval for eligible applicants.

Students and professionals interested in coming to the United States for professional development or educational pursuits should consult an immigration attorney to discuss benefits and limitations afforded by the various visas.

To promote greater understanding and foster stronger business relationships among the countries of the world, the United States offers a variety of visas for students and working professionals to study and work within US borders.

J-1 Visas

J Visas allow foreign nationals to come to the US for both secondary and post-secondary educational opportunities. High school and post-secondary applicants are encouraged to study in the United States.

In addition to students, professional trainees are also eligible for J-1 visas. The trainee program allows you to work in business settings to gain valuable exposure to US cultural and business practices related to your established career.

To be eligible, you must have a degree and one year work experience or a minimum of five years occupational experience in your designated field working in your home country.

M Visas

M-1 visas allow you to enter the United States to complete vocational training. You must certify that you intend to return to your home country after training is complete and that your activities are not intended to result in application for US citizenship.

An M visa allows you to work part-time on campus and gain employment in a field related to your studies while pursuing your non-academic certificate or degree. You can travel from California to other states and change schools during your stay.

F Visas

Foreign students who demonstrate they have financial assets to pay for their education can apply for an F visa. In addition to showing financial ability, you need to provide proof of permanent residency in your home country and you must agree not to engage in unauthorized employment activities while enrolled in educational programs.

Typically, F visas are issued for a one year term for high school students. Students are required to reimburse public high schools for educational expenses.

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